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BeagleBoard-X15, new BeagleBone clone and CES

This is a busy time of year. At, we are working frantically to get BeagleBoard-X15 past FCC and into production, but that isn't all we are up to. From easy to possible, we're working to make sure innovation is available to everyone, which always means open source hardware. Check out the Music Tech Challenge, lots of cool projects below and more, but make sure not to miss meeting us at CES to see how we are accelerating open innovation moving forward.


BeagleBoard-X15 and IoT Interview
BeagleBoard-X15 and IoT Interview

BeagleBoard-X15 keeps easy things easy, makes hard things possible for IoT Maker Pros.

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SanCloud BeagleBoard Enhanced
SanCloud BeagleBoard Enhanced

SanCloud is joining the logo licensing family and enhancing the open hardware BeagleBone Black design you love with more features than you thought possible! The SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced is an ultra-powered embedded computer that adds 1GB DDR3, Gigabit Ethernet, sensors, SPI flash and more and can (still) fit in a mint tin.

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Deadline extended for Music Tech Challenge
Deadline extended for Music Tech Challenge

You now have until December 7th to join this challenge, win cool prizes and advance the state of open hardware music.

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hot off the presses

The BeagleBone Black Primer

The BeagleBone Black Primer

Great introduction to the world of Beagle all the way to software defined radio, computer vision and car monitoring



BeagleBone Cookbook Webinar Series - Dec 1, 2015
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SE Michigan BeagleBone Users Group - Drone Building Continues - Dec 17, 2015
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Consumer Electronics Show - Jan 6-9, 2016
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community topics

OpenCL support on BeagleBoard-X15

Robert Nelson has released Debian support for running OpenCL to easily program the BeagleBoard-X15 C66 DSPs.

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SPI DMA enabled

BeagleBone Linux kernel versions 4.1.12-ti-r27+ and 4.1.12-ti-rt-r27+ now support DMA for SPI transfers over 160 bytes.

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How to integrate TFT LCD support

While this support is now in BeagleBone 4.1 kernels, Drew Fustini explores how he added it before it was enabled by default.

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Kernel Updates 4.4.x-ti
Linux kernel version 4.4.x support released for Beagles

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featured projects

Upgrading a CNC plasma cutting machine image
Upgrading a CNC plasma cutting machine
Improving safety and implementing basic motion control with a BeagleBone Black
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Guaging Wireless AP Stability image
Guaging Wireless AP Stability
Build a WiFi Access Point tester with an LED status indicator
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Connecting to a MIMO Smart Baby Monitor image
Connecting to a MIMO Smart Baby Monitor
Eliminate the cloud connection on your MIMO Smart Baby Monitor using a BeagleBone and Bluetooth Low Energy
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BeagleBone Black LCDs with Prebuilt FBTFT drivers image
BeagleBone Black LCDs with Prebuilt FBTFT drivers
Use small TFT LCDs displays as Linux framebuffer on BeagleBone Black using pre-built fbtft drivers for Linux 3.8.13-bone50
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