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The newest and smallest addition to the BeagleBone family, the PocketBeagle, has been demonstrated by our own Jason Kridner in a Maker Faire Reveal. Implementing the new Octavo Systems OSD3358-SM 21x21mm system-in-package with 512MB DDR3 integrated RAM, this pup gives you much bark for your buck. The PocketBeagle is a low cost, open-source development board for educational and professional purposes. Running Linux images customized specifically for BeagleBone and utilizing the web-based Cloud9 IDE, programmers of all skill levels have much to benefit from the extensive included library and comprehensive wiki.

Photo of Pocket Beagle.

Additional information including schematics and bill of materials are available on GitHub. The PocketBeagle is available from Arrow, Digi-Key, Element14, and Mouser. Additional components called Click Boards give the PocketBeagle even more functionality, from GPS to lightning sensors. We're excited to provide yet another accessible resource to our community to realize their ideas and potential.

Christine Long, Executive Director

Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer (E-ALE)

Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer (E-ALE) is a series of 9 seminars over 3 days at existing Embedded Linux conferences.

Ken Shirriff goes hands-on with the PocketBeagle

"This article discusses my experience trying out different features of the PocketBeagle, along with some technical details."

Building a device tree overlay for your new PocketCape design

"Much has been made of the complexities of the Linux device tree configuration mechanism–it is both a savior and a curse."

Using Yocto Project with BeagleBone Black

by Jaime Vaughn. Starting with a basic introduction to Yocto Project's build system, this book will take you through the setup and deployment steps for Yocto Project. You will develop an understanding of BitBake, learn how to create a basic recipe, and explore the different types of Yocto Project recipe elements.

SE Michigan BeagleBone Meetup (OLD)

July 27

Car Hacking with a PocketBeagle

"In our latest experiment, we replaced our processor board with the PocketBeagle and now we have an awesome Linux based car tinkering platform!"

BoneScript 0.6.4-beta3 Release

Vaishnav Ma announced the new BoneScript beta release, with installation instructions.

How to extend the RAM of BeagleBone Green

A community discussion on RAM extension.

New to Bonescript, Javascript, node.js, etc.

Fred Kerr shares his library of work in Javascript, great for beginners!

Plant Babysitter

Never kill a plant again with this hands-free plant babysitter that quenches your plant's thirst so you don't have to!

Indoor-Outdoor Temperature Sensors

Houston weather changes drastically from day to day and I need an easy way to tell what the outdoor temperature is each day.

PocketBeagle Alexa

PocketBeagle® can become your personal Amazon Alexa assistant. Follow these instructions and this tiny BeagleBone will do more than fetch!

PocketPilot - An Autopilot Based on the $25 PocketBeagle®

There is a new puppy in the family! PocketPilot is a smaller version of the BBBmini Flight Controller.